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What is a Smart Key (Also Known as a Keyless Ignition System)?

A smart key, also known as the Keyless Ignition System, is an automated way of gaining access to both engine control and entry of a car. Siemens began incorporating the Smart Key in 1995. Before, the keyless ignition system was only available to Mercedes-Benz. However, after many years, the device has evolved a lot. They are now used in every make and model of cars. They only vary in price points. 

How Does the Device Work?

The Smart Key system is considered as a passive RFID system. Meaning, the car sends a code from its computer down to the ignition chip. Then, the chip will obtain the message. The ignition chip will then provide the operator with complete access to the car once it identifies the code.

To make things simple, you should have the ability to start the engine and you can drive the car as long as your Smart Key fob is inside your car with you whenever you flip the start switch or press the start button.

Smart Keys Are Not the Same

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle you’re driving, the keyless ignition system might be set up differently, even though they basically have the same principle. The push button is the most well-known set up of the Keyless Ignition System. But, nowadays, there are a lot of manufacturers that utilize rotary or flip switch.

The Risks of Using Smart Keys

There are several concerns with the Keyless Ignition System. That is why if you are operating cars that have a Smart Key System, you should be careful. For instance, there are several cases where drivers forgot to shut off the engine before leaving their car. 

So, in order to avoid these situations, there are several things to consider:

  • You are putting yourself in a great risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your garage if you don’t put your car in “park” mode and you leave the engine operating unintentionally.
  • You are putting yourself in a great risk of hitting another person or car if you forget to switch off the engine of your vehicle without putting it in “park” mode.

Just like any other device, the Smart Key System can also malfunction at some point. Oftentimes, it needs to be replaced. In addition to that, you can’t simply obtain a new duplicate of your key if you lose it. Your car has a unique code that it needs to start the engine. This code can be found only in your Smart Key. Every code is unique in every Smart Key. However, if you are in need of a Smart Key replacement, you don’t have to worry. Locksmith Five Towns is here to help. We have all the tools and knowledge required to easily duplicate your Smart Key. We are one of the best locksmith companies in the area. Contact us today so we can sort any lock problems you may have.

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