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Fire Escape, Window Gates NYC Service

A fire escape gate is one of the simplest methods to ensure your fire escape is safe and can be used properly. Getting a window gate NYC installed properly by a professional is important, as an improperly installed gate can actually be more dangerous for you, your tenants, or your employees. After all, a fire escape window gates NYC is a needed safety feature, but it is also an additional entrance to your building. So it needs to protect your property while also providing the correct protection for the people inside.

You should make replacing it with a newer, more secure model a priority if you have an old or outdated fire escape gate. A professional installation will ensure that not only does your fire escape gate work the way it’s supposed to; it will keep on doing so for years to come.

Window Gates Types

The most common type of window guard locks into place over a standard sized single window. Some window gates are simple in design, while others are more ornate and decorative. Most window gate NYC are made of steel, although some are constructed of high-grade plastic.

Some window guards found in many luxury apartments mimic the look of a balcony. These window safety guards are often referred to as Juliette balconies. These gates do not distend from the building, however, they resemble the railing of a balcony, adding ornamentation to the building’s exterior.

One basic type of window guard is known as a window security bar. This type of fire escape window gates NYC is approximately 12-14 inches in height. A security bar will typically fit a window that is about 30-40 inches wide. Security window bars are typically constructed of steel, with a wooden frame. Some security bars are also stackable, to provide extra height as needed.

What Is The NYC Law About Fire Escapes, Windows & Gates?

The New York City law about gates, fire escapes, and windows are not that hard. The challenge is to keep everyone safe and fire retardant walls are not enough. The New York City law about fires escapes, windows and gates is there to protect tenants.

In case of fire, there has to be an alternative way to exit safely. Fire escape window gates NYC are required by law. They provide an alternative to an indoor staircase clouded with smoke in the event of a fire on a floor above or below your unit. When a unit below is on fire, you can head towards the roof and come down another set of fire escapes on the opposite side of the building away from the flames.  The window guard is welded into the opening as not to obstruct the open and closure of the window.


Any family who lives in an apartment building with kids under the age of 10 is required by law to have window guards.  It consists of metal bars, 15 inches in height and the crossbar openings are smaller than the width of a baby’s head.

A window gate NYC with latches are approved by the state. Gates that require a key are considered illegal in New York City.

Our Window Gate NYC Services

Locksmith Five Towns is a locally owned local locksmith company based in Inwood, NY. We serve New York City and surrounding areas. We deliver a high level of professional service and craftsmanship for both NYC fire escape window gate and fire escape gate NYC. You can trust us to secure your home and provide products that last a long time. Call the company with the cool name! Locksmith Five Towns.

Extensive Experience

Locksmith Five Towns is a company that you can trust to provide high-quality professional service at a reasonable price, we are proud to be a New York City company!

We are a licensed and locally-owned mobile locksmith located in Inwood, New York. However, our services are not limited to that area. From emergency service to commercial lock services, Locksmith Five Towns has extensive experience to become one of the best locksmiths in Inwood and the surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience! We understand you need a professional that will provide you the help you need and not take advantage of your situation. We have been installing NYC fire escape window gate for a lot of years already. So, if you need help, all you’ve got to do is to contact us.

Immediate Response

We pride ourselves on serving customers in these areas with immediate response. We are different from other locksmiths in New York City because we have a 20-minute response time with extremely well-trained and trustworthy small crew that offers high-quality fire escape gate NYC.


The answer to this is no. The new tenant may not be charged for them if a new tenant moves into an apartment in which window guards were installed for the previous tenant. 

You might be able to collect a temporary surcharge from the tenant. This is particularly true if you own a rent-controlled apartment. The surcharge can’t be more than $10 per window guard.

The tenant can pay the surcharge all at once, or he or she can make a payment plan. The plan cannot be longer than three years. The owner may deduct the remaining unpaid portion from the tenant’s security deposit.

Property owners should request a list of approved manufacturers of window guards and specifications from DOH.

If you own several apartments, you will be responsible for installing window guards in public areas such as hallways. This is particularly true if a kid 10-years-old or younger lives in the building. The cost of window guards installed in public areas may not be passed on to tenants in the building.

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