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Bike Locksmith - Bicycle Lock Out Service

Bike Locksmith – Bicycle Lock Out Service– Lockouts don’t just happen
on the locks of your house, car, office, or business.
They can also happen on your bikes. Of course, we
typically lock our bikes whenever we use it in order to prevent it
from getting stolen. However, during this process, some people
forget their keys, misplace it, or lose them. That is why a bicycle
lockout happens.

Lost or misplaced your bike lock keys? That is certainly an issue.
This is particularly true if you use your bike as your primary
mode of transportation. Don’t worry. Locksmith Five
Towns is here to help. Our locksmiths can help you with
your bike lock issues no matter if it is day, afternoon,
or night. All our locksmiths are licensed and bonded.

Types of Bike Locks

Every single bike lock can be damaged. However, a durable lock and savvy locking strategy will greatly reduce the risk of your bike being singled out by thieves.

Chain Locks

Hard enough for high-crime places, chain locks utilize a specially designed chain link that resists hacksaws or chisels and makes the chain hard to break. You have to ensure that you invest in a padlock that is simply as durable—burglars can cut through easily thin locks, no matter how durable the chain. The disadvantage is that this type of bike lock is heavy and bulky. Therefore, they are ideal for stationary uses.

Cable Locks

Cable Locks are adaptable and versatile. However, in general, they provide less theft deterrence compared to U-locks. Bolt cutters are able to cut through most cable locks. Cable locks might be suitable for low-crime areas on their own. Elsewhere, they are an excellent option to use in combination with a U-lock to secure easily removed parts. This includes the seat. A lot of cable locks have integral combination or key locks; others require a separate padlock. Some feature sliding sizing or an armored coating. A few newer models feature stylish designs.


U-Locks are a commonly utilized bike lock. This style is a great deterrent. The bulky locking mechanism resists hammers, chisels and the like. Its horseshoe shape can limit leveraging—provided it’s not way oversized for the bike. The objective is to lower the amount of space in which a thief can insert a crowbar and leverage enough oomph to pop it apart.

This type of lock comes in different sizes. Your objective is to size the lock so that it goes around the things you’re locking with as little gap left as possible. Small to medium models lock one wheel and your frame to a fixed object. Large models lock both wheels and your frame to a fixed object.

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Bike Locksmith - We Can Unlock Any Bike Locks

If you are biking around the Inwood area and for some reasons you lost your keys and unable to open the lock secured in a post or tree, call Locksmith Five Towns right away and we would deal with this situation as quickly as possible. We’ll have our technicians inspect the locks and perform careful opening techniques to ensure that the lock is still usable afterwards.

We know all types of bike locks. This is what allows us to provide superb bike locksmith services to our valued clients. Feel free to contact Locksmith Five Towns whenever you need our assistance as services are available 24/7. It does not matter what time or where you are, our certified professionals will come to you as quickly as possible and get the job done in the shortest time possible.

Bicycle Lock Out
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We Offer Mobile Bicycle Lock Out Service

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Locked out of your bike? We can get you in within minutes! We offer immediate response. Call now for top Bike Locksmith.

Don’t risk damaging your locks by trying to get in yourself or have a friend give it the old college try. We know it is infuriating to be locked out – which is why we make a point of getting to you as quickly as possible to unlock your bike lock and get you on your way. Our technicians are equipped with special tools and training to unlock your property quickly, without causing damages. 

We do virtually all forms of lockout services. This includes bike locks.

24 Hour Emergency Bicycle Lock Out Service

We are available 24/7 and always ready to offer you the best solutions for all your bike lock issues. Whether you lost your keys or want to unlock your bike, call us and we’ll drive to your place with immediate response. Our team always assures us to deliver the right bicycle locksmith solutions that are guaranteed to meet your needs and expectations. All of our services are affordable.

Our bike lockout service is just one of our in-demand services, and many loyal clients around Inwood, NY have been trusting us for many years.

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